Wonderful Center

Children’s Choice learning Center is a wonderful Center, I’m very pleased with the decision I made to put my son in this center. I love his teacher Destiny Lockings, she is a great teacher and well organized, her style of teaching really has kept my son interested in what he is learning. The front office staff Mr.C and Ms. Patty were so inviting when my son entered in this center, I can’t ask for a better team of opening and closing individuals. All concerns that I ever had since my son has been a part of this organization those two have always been able to take care of it with ease and a great smile. Also I can’t leave out the rest of the staff they made my son feel so secure and loved when he gets here in the mornings. Children’s Choice is really the Choice to make if you are looking for a great Center to invest your child or children learning too. Happy and Greatful Nicole Robinson

Nicole R.
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